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«Container» live performance 


Spunk Culture Club, June 8. 2012,

Zurich-Switzerland. Visual performance

written, directed and produced

by Gen Atem.


Analog collage by Miriam Bossard 

and Gen Atem. Video stills by Gen Atem. 

First production assistant and technical 

director: Signe Fleischmann. Terminal 

writings by Ricardo Conçalves. Camera 1: 

Mariana Rodrigues. Camera 2: Gen Atem 

and Crista Hirzel. Camera 3: Silence 

Fleischmann. Video engineering and live 

video editing by Signe Fleischmann. 

Second production assistant Mariana 

Rodrigues. Music written by Kay Zee, 

Roman Bruderer and Gen Atem. Audio 

electronics, Theremin and Minimoog: 

Kay Zee. Percussions Roman Bruderer. 

Lyrics written and performed by Gen Atem.

Photograph by Klemens Wempe.