Hatje Cantz Publishings, Berlin on Gen Atem
from the Book »Gen Atem – Meditated Vandalism«, 2016

A Zen monk who sprays graffiti on subway cars and throws paint at famous people: Gen Atem, the wild pioneer of the European urban art movement. In the eighties and nineties Gen Atem worked with New York hip hop legend Rammellzee. Their joint multimedia performances Gothic Futurism—Ikonoklast Panzerism were legendary. Now Gen Atem’s latest work is presented in this book: a clash with everyone and everything. Both the beautiful and fascinating as well as the horrible and insignificant, even the intangible and incomprehensible, are attacked and questioned: Is globalization destroying our culture, and does self-representation preserve my identity? Gen Atem relies on the power of images and invites viewers to devise their own answers: only he or she who participates is ready for the revolution.